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New house in Geauga County requires serious septic tank considerations

June 19, 2017

Ed Worso, GCPL Director

When I got the job as director of Geauga County Public Library, my wife Hilary and I felt it was important to live in the community in which I served. So in August of 2016 we purchased a 53-acre farm in Geauga County’s Thompson Township. We spent nine months upgrading it and finally moved in last month. As many who have bought or sold a house in Geauga County in recent years knows, a big part of the purchase is the septic system.

Worso septic tank

The joys of Geauga County home ownership include septic tank installation.

We had experienced this phenomenon in Ashtabula County at our previous farm when the septic failed in 2013. At that time the new septic regulations were in hot debate and our friend, the county health commissioner, told us to upgrade our septic as soon as possible because the costs were going to skyrocket. And they did, in all Ohio counties.

So with our new, “old” house we began our septic investigation. The previous owner had owned the property long enough that none of these regulations applied. In fact no one was quite sure where the old septic ran. We searched online for information but couldn’t find definitive answers. Ultimately we knew this septic was likely so old it wouldn’t pass inspection, so we began the process last September of contacting the soil tester who makes it all happen. You can find out more about this process from the county health website as well as certified septic installers and other info.

Meet Voltaire, one of our roosters. He’s looking forward to migrating to his new coop in Thompson.

Fair warning, the waiting list is long! It took a couple months for the soil tester to get out. If you are looking to start a new business (library materials on starting a new business) this would be a line of work with serious job security. And it took until this week for our septic to be installed, eight months after this whole process started. We are excited to have this part of the home buying process complete. Now the next step is getting a new chicken coop and moving our flock of 42 chickens.

Wish us luck!


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