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Around the Campfire

July 19, 2017

(“Around the Campfire” will be a recurring series of posts from Michelle. She sent us this one in May)

Although the unofficial start to summer and the camping season is Memorial Day, it has become my family’s tradition to take our maiden voyage on Mother’s Day weekend.  As such, we just took our first trip. Looking ahead to the trips we have planned and thinking about the theme of the summer reading program I began to wonder how I could use the resources available at the Geauga County Public Library to “Build a Better” camping season. From the practical like travel books and campfire cookbooks to the entertaining like our favorite books and video games, the possibilities are practically endless.

In the past we have used books on cd to pass the time during the long car trips. We have also taken DVDs and used them to set up outdoor movies for the kids to enjoy at night (see picture).  I have read books while lounging by the pool. All of these materials I have borrowed from the library.

During this year’s Mother’s Day adventure I had two books.  One was Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt and the other was Deadline by Sandra Brown.  The latter was recommended by my mother-in-law, who is also a big fan of the library. I also packed the almost best picture of the year La La Land. All of these goodies were courtesy of the Chardon Branch of the Geauga County Public Library.

I’m sure this summer will hold many fun times and I’m also sure that the library will keep us well stocked for our journey.  Until next time remember: life is better around the campfire:) 

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