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View from the Anderson Allyn Room

July 24, 2017

I’m Cheryl Felix McClellan, the genealogist for Geauga County Public Library. My home away from home is the Anderson Allyn Room, in the basement of the Chardon Library. I’m passionate about the view from the Anderson Allyn Room (sounds like a good title for a blog …). What’s to see in the basement? The glorious past of Geauga County – the people! The places! The events! Our high-tech microfilm readers serve as “binoculars” to look at old newspapers, probate, marriage and tax records. If you have Geauga County ancestors, look through the 56 binders of family group sheets and the drawers full of family files. If your ancestors came from some other place, as mine did, make an appointment to learn how to view their records.  Want to research Geauga property or homes? Start in the Allyn Room.

I do leave the Allyn Room on occasion to teach genealogy classes at the other GCPL branches, so check the GCPL website or your copy of Lines & Links for topics and dates. If you want to check out the view from the Allyn Room, sign up for my October 19 class. Registration begins August 15.

In future blogs, I’ll report on what’s to see in our basement home: the collections, volunteer projects, fun Geauga County stories, great patron experiences, genealogy news, databases, how-to’s … stay tuned!

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