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What the library means to me

August 3, 2017

Finding new reads never gets old—Deciding the library’s future

It’s 5 a.m. on Thursday 8/3 and I am writing my first blog, ever. I retired in 2001 from teaching and decided to read for enjoyment in my retirement. There is a story there, maybe for a future blog.  Over the past several months, the Fun Bus Bookmobile has been making stops at the Thompson Township Town Square.  This vehicle is a sight to behold and a remarkable piece of modern vehicular technology.  Nick and the staff at Mobile Services have been the best in bringing the Fun Bus to Thompson.  Three Fun Bus stops ago Shawna, Mobile Services staff member recommended my reading The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes by Leonard S. Goldberg.  For you Sherlock Holmes fans it is a nice read and follows the Holmes tradition.  Holmes is deceased and Joanna Blalock, AKA Holmes’ daughter, takes up with Watson and his son to solve the murder mystery.  If you have not seen our Fun Bus Bookmobile, contact your library to find out when it will be near you.  You can also contact me at kokelefel@gmail.com for the future stops in Thompson. 

I was disappointed on Wednesday, 8/2 to hear the Geauga County Commissioners delayed their backing of the Geauga County Library’s proposed November .5 Bond Issue.  The passage of this bond issue would have great impact on Thompson and the people of Geauga County.  The Geauga County Library Trustees have included in the Library’s county-wide improvement plan the construction of a library branch in Thompson.  The construction of the library branch would continue the revitalization of Thompson and its Town Square Area. In the past, the Commissioners have supported Thompson’s revitalization with their generous funding of the Thompson Township Community Center Project.  The Commissioners continued support of the revitalization through the backing of the bond issue would be greatly appreciated. 

Anyone interested in the continued revitalization of Geauga County is encouraged to contact the commissioners to have the issue put on the November Ballot.

Erwin “Kok” Leffel is an avid reader and GCPL patron.
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes is available in the following formats:






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