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Facilities and YOU

August 23, 2017

I have been with Geauga County Public Library for over 25 years. Shortly after I took my current position as Facilities Manager, I was working after-hours one evening in the Middlefield Library. I was alone in the dark building, and a thought hit me very hard. For those familiar with Middlefield Library, I sat down in the chair that is just outside the conference room, next to the book returns. I looked into the darkness, down the center of the building. I became overwhelmed with the thought that this was MY building.  


In my position, I am responsible for the upkeep of all GCPL-owned buildings, as well as the safety of those who work in the buildings, and those who use the buildings. I take this responsibility seriously, and do everything I can to provide you, the library users, with a clean, safe and efficiently run building. The Facilities Department of Geauga County Public Library prides itself on maintaining the building that you, the residents of Geauga County, entrust to us. So while I may take ownership of the responsibility of the buildings, they are more accurately, YOUR buildings.


The residents of Geauga County have an excellent library system. Our lending rate per resident is through the roof, more than 3x the national average, and even 1.5x higher than the state average. We strive to provide excellent service and maintain excellent facilities for our patrons. We have been on the cutting edge of technology as times have changed in the library world. But fear not. Physical books aren’t going anywhere. While library users can benefit countless ways without stepping foot into a building, the physical space is still here and filled with resources for you to use. And it’s my job to make sure the buildings are well maintained for your visit.

I’m honored in the trust the library has put in me to run the department that keeps the physical facilities in proper working order. Some of our buildings provide a bit more of a challenge to keep up with, but we pride ourselves to keep them in good shape for you. I appreciate the encouraging words I hear from library users and neighbors of the libraries as how well maintained the libraries and grounds are kept. The buildings and grounds keep us plenty busy, and there is much to do in the future. I personally appreciate your  encouragement and support for your Geauga County Public Library. In reality, the buildings aren’t mine, they are YOURS, I just make sure they’re taken care of for you.

Patrick Jolly is the Facilities Manager. He is currently reading The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall by Jenny L. Cote.
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