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Can Thompson or Montville residents vote on the library bond issue?

September 6, 2017

Ed Worso, GCPL Director

We’re reaching out to voters this November with a bond issue for capital improvements. Although it’s never easy to approach voters for tax dollars, it’s always a pleasure to share how we are able to better serve our patrons as we provide much needed services to all our citizens. In the spirit of transparency, I’ll be using this blog to share information.

This blog entry will address a question we have recently been getting: Can Thompson or Montville residents vote on the library bond issue?

The short answer is YES.

The county district library and the library taxing boundaries were established in 1963 and have not changed since. What caused some confusion was the consolidation of the Ledgemont School District with the Berkshire School District in 2015. When Berkshire took the Ledgemont School district in a territorial transfer, the library taxing district remained the same and remains the same today. The school territory changed, but the library boundaries remained the same.

Thompson Library Station is located in Ledgemont School on Burrows Road.

The Geauga County Public Library established the Thompson Station in the Ledgemont High School in 1979 to serve the residents of Thompson and Montville. When the territorial transfer occurred, the library station moved to the Ledgemont Elementary building on Burrows where it remains today with limited public service hours.

We strive to serve the public in the northeast corner of the county with the best library services possible. We believe a new facility on or near the Thompson square will meet that goal and it’s one of our top priorities.

Yes, Thompson and Montville residents are eligible to vote on the library bond issue on the ballot in November 2017.

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