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Library in the sky

September 13, 2017

Nothing makes you appreciate books more than being on an airplane.

Up in the air, surrounded by mostly sleeping strangers, unable to communicate with those still down on earth, there’s really only one thing to do – read!

Last month, I hopped on an airplane for the first time in seven years, my book tucked safely in my Geauga County Library drawstring bag, ready for the flight ahead. Sadly, I finished the book on the flight there and realized I had forgotten to pack another one, dreading the return flight without entertainment even more…

But despite this packing shortcoming, the library was able to come to my aid – even 35,000 feet above ground!

I downloaded two eBooks through the Overdrive app before my return flight. The first I downloaded was In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, which was a summer reading assignment for my College Composition class. The second was A Void the Size of the World by Rachele Alpine, a novel that had been on my must-read list since I attended the lovely Rachele Alpine‘s talk at GCPL this July!

In airplane mode, miles above all civilization, I could still access these eBooks! Now the only struggle was deciding whether to start my summer reading book or continue on reading for pleasure if only to deny the rapidly approaching start of school … and I think we all know which book I chose (sorry Capote!)

Hailey Oppenlander is a volunteer in the Marketing Department at the GCPL Administration Center. She is currently reading A Void the Size of the World by Rachele Alpine.
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