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What the Library Means to Me: Celebrating Libraries and National Friends of Libraries Week, by Erwin Leffel

October 20, 2017

Earlier this week, the morning DJ on WKKY, Scott Miller, announced that this week (10/16-10/22) was National Friends of the Library Week. Imagine, the Friends of the Library have their own week! If you are interested in becoming a Friend, find information for your local branch here

I was talking to a friend last week and the friend mentioned talking to a person about the GCPL’s November Bond Issue. The person stated, “We are going to a paperless society, so what do we need libraries for?” GEESH! This person probably has not recently been in a library. Today’s libraries still have plenty of hard copy books and periodicals, but they offer so much more than that. Local libraries have become community centers with a multitude of services.


Here is a snapshot of GCPL’s 2016 usage:

  • 59,413 total borrowers (10,073 of which are children)
  • 135 public computers
  • 63,295 public internet uses
  • 21,958 wifi logins
  • 161,980 reference transactions 
  • 603,512 total library visits
  • 1,544 programs (1,132 of which were children/YA programs)
  • 41,336 total program attendance (24,842 of which were children/YA programs)
  • Physical circulation: 2,050,078 items
  • eContent circulation: 168,998 items
  • Total circulation: 2,219,076 items 


If you are reading my blog you use the services and are a library’s friend. So get out there and talk to your friends about today’s libraries and if they live in Geauga County ask for their support of Geauga County Issue 4 on November 7.

Erwin “Kok” Leffel is an avid reader and GCPL patron. He is currently reading The Red Heart by James Alexander Thom. 
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