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What does Mobile Services mean to you?

October 23, 2017

Libraries offer a wealth of materials—books, movies, audiobooks, playaways, and more. However, a library’s vast resources are little use to those who cannot visit the buildings. As Mobile Services, we bring the library to these patrons with our three vehicle fleet. We make about 70 stops throughout the county each week. Check out our schedule here. Recently, we asked our patrons what the library means to them. The appreciative responses flooded in. Kids also returned a coloring sheet drawn by Mobile Services Staff member Shaunna.



Our Lobby Stop van carries book carts which are rolled into senior centers, assisted living facilities, adult day cares, and community stops. One woman recently explained, “My mother has been a library patron since she was a little girl. Books are her world. She reads to learn and transport her away from her current situation and pain.” A Mapleview Country Villa staff member wrote, “The Lobby Stop is an incredible program that brings the outside world to our fingertips. Our residents look forward to these visits! This is an outstanding, helpful, and informative team. They truly go out of their way for our residents. We are so grateful for this program. Thank you for all you do.”


Our lobby stop within the YMCA has grown into a popular location. A patron, Kristen, responded, “We love the library! But our busy schedule makes it hard to go to the locations.  This made it possible to ‘do the library’ and it fits into our morning.” She also added, “We are new to Homeschooling. The Lobby Stop is a great addition to my 1st grader’s curriculum. He loves reading!  Keep coming!!!”

The Fun Bus is a 30 foot bookmobile that travels to daycares, preschools, community stops, and social service organizations. For our youngest patrons, boarding a big vehicle and picking out their own books is a magical experience. The children’s love of reading grows as they clutch their chosen book in their tiny hands. In addition, the Fun Bus supports early literacy and the teachers’ curriculum. A teacher from All Around Children wrote, “The Fun Bus means my class gets to enjoy new books every two weeks. They love looking at and ‘reading’ their books every day and sharing them with their friends.” The Fun Bus also visits the Sisters of Notre Dame, who added, “I take out movies for our older sisters in Chardon. They appreciate it because they cannot go out to the movies.” At Metzenbaum Workshop two patrons excitedly told us their favorite items on the bus. One patron likes movies and the other “loved singer-songwriter DVDs and soundtracks.”

Finally, the Bookmobile checked out over 225,000 items to our Amish community last year. The Bookmobile is beloved and valued by its patrons, with some walking a half mile to browse the collection. Kids fill wagons with books and adults check out items for the entire family. Nancy recently wrote, “The Bookmobile means I have access to books as close to my home as my neighbor’s driveway. I can request books and they will bring them to me next time… No need to spend money buying books. Just order it on the Bookmobile… The Bookmobile coming every two weeks is an exciting and interesting addition to my life.” Children often have a precious bluntness.  Bookmobile patron Nora explained, “I like to read books. I like to be a book warm [sic]. The Bookmobile is not boring.” We can definitely say that visiting the far reaches of the county is never boring for us either.  

Nick Fagan is the Head of Mobile Services. He is currently reading Turtles All the Way Down by John Green.
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