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Achieving your resolutions: Learn a new skill

New year, new you, right? Here at GCPL we want to help you achieve whatever your goals or resolutions may be by providing you with the resources necessary to do so. That’s why we will be highlighting our different resources during the month of January. Each week, we will focus on a different resolution that you may have and then show you the tools available to accomplish them. The only thing that you need is your library card. This week’s goal: Learn a new skill.

What skill do you want to learn? Photography? Game Design? Accounting?

Free online training with offers courses on those and more. The best part? It’s all free with your library card. has an impressive collection of courses on a variety of subject matter. You can brush up on something you are familiar with or learn something completely new. This can also be very useful for your job. When it was time for me to brush up on the latest happenings on YouTube, I went straight to and watched Top 5 Tips for YouTube Channel. It was extremely helpful and now I’m going to look further into Lynda’s courses on video production. You should definitely go check out, too. I’m sure you will be surprised by everything it has to offer. For free access, make sure you sign in with your library card through this link. If you’re still not sure about all that Lynda has to offer, come to the class that we are offering at the Bainbridge Branch, Thurs., Jan. 4, 7 p.m. 

Let’s take a look at another resource that can help you learn a new skill: Hoopla.

Want to become a superstar student? Master Tai Chi? Grow anything? How about write a great essay?

If these sound like skills you would like to learn, look no further. Using your library card, you have access to Hoopla. Hoopla provides you with The Great Courses which provides you with videos on all of the above subject matter and more. Check out all the The Great Courses here.

So what’s stopping you from learning a new skill? Nothing! These resources (which would typically cost some dough) are all completely free if you have a library card. Achieve your goals and knock your resolutions out of the park with GCPL.

Stay tuned for next week’s resolution. Here’s a hint: It has to do with writing.

Emily Petsche is a Marketing Assistant. She is currently reading A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis.
Available in the following formats:
Cover image for A Madness So DiscreetPrint
Audiobook (CD) (Overdrive) (Hoopla)


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