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Tax Assistance from GCPL & United Way

February 28, 2018

This Blog post was written by Cameron Macaskill, My Free Taxes Associate for United Way Services of Geauga County.

It’s only February, but after receiving W-2s over the last few weeks it’s safe to assume taxes are on almost everybody’s mind. Some of us might be hoping for a refund, while others are worried about the expensive cost of filing. As they say – the only things certain in life are death and taxes, but we’re lucky enough to live in a community where local organizations are partnering to make filing your taxes simple and affordable.

In-person assistance provided by the AARP is available at all of the Geauga library branches from February 1st through April 14th. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting your local library branch!

Another great option for inexpensive tax filing is a website called MyFreeTaxes.com. Brought to you by United Way Services of Geauga County and H&R Block’s premium online technology, My Free Taxes is a user-friendly website for easy tax filing. And if you or your household makes under $66,000 per year, you can use it to file your taxes for free. That’s right: completely free. And we’re not just talking about your 1040EZ, either. My Free Taxes can help you file more complicated forms and offers both phone and chat support if you have any questions along the way – all without ever trying to upcharge you for this additional support. Think of My Free Taxes as your new best friend. An uncomplicated friend, who’s keeping an eye out for all of your possible deductions without asking for anything in return. Now that’s the kind of friend I like to have around.

If you’re not able to get an appointment with the AARP at the library, but feel you still may need a little in-person assistance, consider attending United Way’s Super Tax Saturday event on April 14th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Located at Kent State Geauga campus, the Super Tax Saturday will give you the chance to DIY (Do It Yourself) on MyFreeTaxes.com with a tax prep volunteer around to answer additional questions. Plus, if you register in advance, United Way will cover your gas with a $15 Giant Eagle gift card.

For any questions about MyFreeTaxes.com or to register for the Super Tax Saturday on April 14th, contact Cameron Macaskill at cmacaskill@uws.org or call at (216) 436-2048.

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