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See you in the Funny Pages: “American Gods”

Ok…This post is only half about comics. I really enjoy the work of Neil Gaiman and have been hearing positive reviews of the television adaptation of American Gods. While I don’t have cable, I definitely want to watch the series once it is released on DVD. I consider Gaiman one of my favorite comics creators, but I had yet to read his novel American Gods. I figured that now was the time before I accidently stumbled across some spoiler online.  Of course the library has copies of it in print, audio, and ebook. However, I chose to listen to the e-audiobook from Hoopla because I could instantly start listening and it made my commute go quickly.

I’m sure fans are wondering where they turn next until season 2 arrives. An American Gods comics adaptation is currently being illustrated by P. Craig Russell, but it has not been collected yet (We will definitely get it when it is released!).   Fans would likely enjoy Gaiman’s earlier comics work on The Sandman.

An excellent comics series that may appeal to fans is “The Wicked + The Divine” by Gillen McKelvie and Wilson Cowles. The series is available in print and through Hoopla digital comics. The series is for adult audiences with 5 volumes released so far. The first book sets the scene: Every 90 years 12 gods from the world’s mythological pantheon return as humans. The gods live as normal humans until their destiny is revealed. From that point of discovery they will only have 2 years to live. The latest incarnation of gods have become media superstars. They have a lot of power and little time on their hands. The story focuses on a fan, Laura, and a skeptic named Cassandra both of whom has become intertwined with the lives of the gods. Trouble is brewing when a female Lucifer kills some snipers with a snap of her fingers. “Luci” is put on trial and jokingly makes the gesture to the judge — only the have the judge’s head explode. But Laura thinks Luci has been framed and is out to find the truth. The book has some incredible artwork with expertly captured facial expressions. It is one of my favorite series that I am currently reading.

Speaking of discovering your next great read, if you are looking for similar titles and authors try out Novelist on our resource page.  Simply type in the title or author and discover “readalikes” for your favorite books. Check it out and tell share your thoughts and recommendations with us.

Nick Fagan is the Head of Mobile Services. He is currently reading Roughneck by Jeff Lemire.



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