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Young writer spotlight: Ari W.

We interviewed members of the Chardon Middle School Power of the Pen team and will be sharing their responses throughout the summer. Next up, Ari W.

Geauga County Public Library: Why did you decide to join Power of the Pen?

Ari W.: I love to write stories, even if they usually turn out really sad… whoops?

GCPL: What is your favorite part of the writing process?

AW: Plot twists are always fun but I also love developing the story and seeing how the character can learn or be influenced by an event.

GCPL: What is your least favorite part of the writing process?

AW: Coming up with the story is always difficult for me, even if I have a prompt. I normally have a hard time picking one idea to write about.

GCPL: Why do you think writing is important?

AW: This is honestly a hard question because I believe that there are so many reasons writing is important. If I had to pick one reason it would be that writing can help an issue to be addressed or it can help people figure out what to do when something happens.

GCPL: Who are some of your favorite writers? Why?

AW: Rick Riordan. Hands down. I love his writing style and his humor. He also was one of the reasons I started to write.

GCPL: Why do you think libraries rock?

AW: I love to read but I don’t have many books I haven’t read already. The library allows me to get books I haven’t heard of that are amazing. *cough* Percy Jackson series *cough*

GCPL: What book would you like to recommend?

AW: How do I pick one?! I’ll go with either the Percy Jackson series or Harry Potter. Both have really interesting stories.

Ari is entering 8th grade at Chardon Middle School. You can read her Power of the Pen stories in our Young Writers of Geauga County collection.


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