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Health and wellness: Reiki as integrative medicine

February 11, 2019

Roman Vaynshtok is a certified Reiki Master and instructor. He provides treatments at The Hospice of the Western Reserve and private homes.

From time immemorial, humans have helped each other during times of physical, emotional, or mental trauma. Every culture has its own healing traditions and medicines, which were developed long before our modern medicine. Over the past 10-15 years, we’ve seen a resurgence of traditional approaches. Reiki treatments, alongside the promotion of healthy lifestyles, are currently widely used in local hospitals and wellness centers across the country.

Reiki is a holistic treatment that reduces stress and anxiety and helps accelerate recovery after surgeries or aggressive treatments. An increasing amount of doctors and patients recognize that supplementing modern technology with more organic approaches can make the latest medical advances work even better. Reiki affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, restoring balance and harmony. It also promotes the body’s self-healing and detoxification.

I’m Roman Vaynshtok, the founder of the Peace and Balance Reiki Center. I’ve been studying and practicing traditional therapies since the 1990s, and Reiki since 2006. It is my strong belief that inner peace, as well as balance in our personal and public lives, are the main ingredients for a happy and healthy life.

Tips for Healthy and Balanced life:

Be aware of your diet: Our diet is not just what we eat. It’s also what we listen to, what we watch, with whom we spend our time. Everything affects us; it could bring us up or have an opposite effect. Be mindful of your emotional and physical intake.

Look for joy in your life. Every day find 20-30 minutes to do something that brings you joy: read a book, do a craft, or spend time with a loved one.

Have enough sleep and laughter in your life. These two have the strongest effect on our immune system and ability to manage stress. 

For more information: romanreikihealing@gmail.com or 440.668.7902

A popular title on the subject of Reiki The Power of Reiki: An Ancient Hands-on Healing Technique.


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