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Staff book review from Nancy Grossman: Audubon on the Wings of the World

March 15, 2019

Nancy Grossman is a bird enthusiast and shelver at GCPL’s Bainbridge Branch.

Audubon On the Wings of the World by Fabien Grolleau & Jeremie Royer 

During the early 19th century the legendary artist John James Audubon began a quest through the wilderness to draw all the birds of America.  He spent several years in the American backwoods sketching and painting birds in their natural habitats. This graphic novel version of his story beautifully illustrates his journey–both accomplishments and misfortunes–and captures his sense of adventure and passion for birds. The author suggests that the book should be read as a more “romanticized” version of Audubon’s life, but I found it to be both informative and historically accurate.

In my 11 years of shelving, I had never been drawn to graphic novels–that is, not until this one caught my eye. I would highly recommend the book to anyone- young and adult–interested in art, history, birds and nature, as well as graphic novel fans! As the saying goes, “reading takes you everywhere,” and Audubon’s journey is an exceptional one not to be missed. 

Nancy Grossman is a shelver at GCPL’s Bainbridge Branch. She is currently reading Heartstone by C. J. Sansom 

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