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Bainbridge circulation clerk takes the prize with her family recipe of “Chicken Alouette”

March 18, 2019

Dianne Chec poses with the chef who prepared her chicken alouette dish.

By Dianne C. Chec

Is there a cook in the kitchen? 

You bet!

Being employed at GCPL’s Bainbridge Branch has been the best position ever over the past seven years. I have been able to peruse almost every new cookbook that gets delivered onsite and enjoy my favorite hobby, cooking, due to two wonderful grandmothers from Poland and a mom who had precision and grace in the kitchen. 

After moving to Hudson, Ohio, I began shopping for groceries at the ACME supermarket and entered a contest for “your best quick dinner recipe.” I thought of my favorite go-to family pleaser: Chicken Alouette, a delicious dish. Consisting of a juicy chicken breast in a flakey puff pastry with a creamy garlic and herb cheese, it’s always a favorite meal.

Guess what?

I was runner-up! I won a gift card given to me after their head chef prepared my recipe and served it at the market to the staff and my husband.  

But, there’s a library connection. The best part of this experience was that I was able to look up the recipe at the library, which I had formerly prepared by memory for more than the past 25 years and enter it correctly from a Southern Living cookbook

If you’d like to give this meal a try, here’s an online recipe.


Link to PDF of Diane’s award-winning dish: 10 15 18 RECIPE CONTEST WINNER RECIPES


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