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Staff book review from Dianne Check: The Traitor’s Wife

March 27, 2019

Staff book review: The Traitor’s Wife by Allison Pataki

Editor’s note: GCPL’s Bainbridge Branch’s circulation clerk Dianne Chec is back! Earlier this month, she shared a yummy post about her family’s award-winning Chicken Alouette. This time, she’s got a book review of a riveting historical novel.

The sequence of life’s events that made Benedict Arnold the man who betrayed America and how the lovely Peggy Shippen who he marries has secrets that tie her to the British and a love triangle. Talk about unlucky in love; Commander Arnold chose the wrong woman!

This ain’t your grandma’s story about Benedict Arnold. I do recommend it highly to those who like this genre.  I believe anyone from a fifth grader through adult age could read this and really enjoy it. It’s actually told from the maid’s perspective, and she sees both sides of Peggy and what drove her to this demise.

Next on Dianne’s reading list is the best-selling, Tony’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani. She takes me to a fun and hopeful place. I’m happy to say I have a personalized, autographed copy.


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