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Libby: The app that saved my high-school English career

May 10, 2019

Editor’s note: Eileen Raphael is a Kenston High School student, completing a two-week senior mentorship program in GCPL’s Marketing Department. She will be attending the University of Dayton in the fall and plans to study marketing. She wrote this blog post as a tribute to one of her favorite library services, digital materials, especially the Libby app.

By Eileen Raphael

Are you a student who at times waits until the last minute to obtain a copy of a book? I’m a busy high-school senior at Kenston, and speaking from personal experience, I have been guilty throughout the years of accessing a piece of literature in an untimely fashion. I would always end up having to either run to the bookstore the night before I needed a title, or I had to ask for extended time to buy a copy of a novel.

High school can be very hectic, and my mom was always disappointed to find out every time I needed a book, that I once again had waited until the last minute to purchase or check out a required novel.

Then, one day when I was calling my local library to ask if a certain summer reading book was in stock, I was ecstatic to learn that all of my required reading problems were solved. The librarian on the phone told me to download an app called Libby. This app turned my procrastination into absolute harmlessness with the click of a button.

My late-night search to find a PDF of a required reading book now is now in the past. Throughout my senior year of high school alone, I was able to read and enjoy my three summer reading titles: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells.  My library books and required reading are now at the tip of my finger. 

Personally, during my high school career, I have used Libby for required reading books in school. However, in the future, I plan to use the app as a source for far more than just reading. The app also acts as a source for magazines, EBooks, and TV shows. I plan to use Libby to read and listen to books all summer without leaving the comfort of my own home. The app, which is completely free with a library card, has saved me the hassle and time I don’t have in my busy life. I believe in the coming years, I will be able to use this app as an important tool for furthering my education and fulfilling my desire to learn more.

I would recommend the app Libby to all ages and walks of life. Check out Libby here!       

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