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Staff book review from John Vince: Miracle at Augusta

May 13, 2019

By John Vince
Book Review on Miracle at Augusta
By James Patterson

Coming off the great win by Tiger Woods in Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia this year, I’d like to recommend Miracle at Augusta by James Patterson. Now that golf season upon us, this is a book for Patterson fans as well as golf fans.

The story revolves around a struggling senior professional golf champion and a struggling awkward high school boy. Travis, the golf pro, takes Jerzy the bullied high schooler under his wing. As Travis goes through many trials to get back on the Senior Golf Tour, he teaches Jerzy to golf. Through the mentorship, Travis notices Jerzy’s potential to become an outstanding golfer. And, at the same time, the process gives Jerzy the confidence and courage to stand up to his nemesis.

Along the way, Travis promises Jerzy that he would get him into Augusta National Golf Club for a round of golf. The unconventional way that they actually get into Augusta and play the round is filled with suspense and thrills.

This is a story of adventure and redemption. Golfers and Patterson fans should pick it up. It’s an exceptionally enjoyable read.

John is currently reading Shots Fired by C.J. Box. 

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