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Staff book review from L’Wanda Greenlaw: The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls

Editor’s note: L’Wanda Greenlaw is an Adult Services Assistant at GCPL’s Bainbridge Branch. 

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls By Anissa Gray

In a small Michigan town, Althea and Proctor Butler are highly regarded by their friends and neighbors until – they commit an unforgivable crime that alters not only the lives of their friends and neighbors, but of their two teenage daughters and extended family members. The chaos and anger that ensues forces this family to circle the wagons, confront some painful family secrets and secure the safety and welfare of the youngest generation. 

When I initially began reading this book, I expected a predictable plot and narrative on race relations in a small town. I was very surprised to find themes in this book covering family relations, trust and self-esteem. Other timely topics are also touched upon that I will not divulge in order to avoid a spoiler alert. The narrative is told from each person’s point of view which eventually comes together to reveal a full picture of what really happened. I loved how Anissa Gray treated her main characters, however flawed, with grace and dignity. This title would be a good addition for a book group discussion. I also feel that it would appeal to older teens as well as adults. 

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