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Staff book review by MaryEllen Collins: When the English Fall

July 12, 2019

By MaryEllen Collins
Book Review on
When the English Fall
By D
avid Williams

Becki Gierman had asked me to read this book, as a look for a book discussion book. I was happy to help, but apprehensive about the book itself. Not normally what I read. I thank her now.

The story takes place in Pennsylvania, and is written in diary form from the perspective of an Amish farmer. A solar storm the hits the country and wipes out all power. The “English” – everyone who is not Amish – have limited supply of food and transportation. As supplies run out, the English turn violent and head to the Amish homes that are well-supplied. The Amish have been used to living off the land, and with large supplies, find that nothing much is different. They are willing to share, but that is not what the English want. The events that happen after are very encouraging and saddening.

I would recommend this book to anyone. It makes you realize how dependent we are on all our devices, how we take so much for granted, and what really is important in life.

MaryEllen Collins works in circulation at our Bainbridge Branch. She is currently reading The Library of Lost and Found by Patrick Phaedra.

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