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Using Hoopla

My husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Israel last fall. Our tour guide was also an anthropologist, and he did an excellent job showing us as many historical locations as time would allow. His background enabled him to tell us much about the history of the area and of historical finds from excavation sites related to the places we visited. He recommended that we watch the mini-series Masada starring Peter O’Toole. Although it is a fictionalized account of the siege on the fortress named Masada, it provides a fairly accurate depiction of that time in history. 

When we got home, I was thinking about the resources we have at the library. I wondered if the mini-series would be on Hoopla. I had only used it on my iPad, but wanted to access it using my TV. We have Apple TV and I thought the options available looked like app icons so I searched for the Hoopla app and was able to download it. Hoopla on my TV was now a reality! 

There was good news and bad news. The bad news was the mini-series was not on Hoopla. The good news was that in my searching I came across a National Geographic special about this amazing fortress built between 37 and 31 BCE on the top of a mountain. And there was more good news. The Masada mini-series is available in the Clevnet catalog, and I am currently watching it. 

Annette Tung is the Assistant Head of Circulation at our Bainbridge Branch. She is currently listening to Bubbles Unbound by Sarah Strohmeyer on Overdrive.

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