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Sleigh and Winter Scenes in Geauga County

By Cheryl McClellan, Geauga County Public Library Genealogist:

In the not-too-distant past, sleighs and bobsleds served as the family SUV during Geauga County winters. According to the March 6, 1942 Geauga County News, Chardon and Hambden children stranded at school by an early March blizzard were delivered home by bobsled.  If you have early Geauga County sleigh or winter scenes from your family to share with GCPL’s Allyn Room collection, send a digital copy to (Be sure the photo is not under copyright.)

Below are some Geauga County scenes of winters past:


The Bert E. Sager store, Troy Township, with a sleigh in front of the store. The sign across the top of the building identifies it as the Bert E. Sager store. Bert Sager appears in the 1910 census as a retail merchant of a general store in Troy, about the time this photo was taken.


Chardon Square postcard, 1913. Photograph by S.D Strong, Chardon, OH.


Man being pulled on a child’s sled by a horse on Chardon Square. Taken about 1900, as evidenced by the buildings across the street. The courthouse barely shows on the left edge of the photo; the building behind the horse is the Chardon Town Hall. The building behind the man’s head is the Union School, and the Chardon Baptist Church is on the right side of the photo. (Photographer unknown.)


Early Geauga County sleigh scene, when snow on the road meant having a pleasant winter outing.

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