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Staff Book Review: Memory Rescue by Daniel G. Amen, MD

September 3, 2020

This book review of Memory Rescue was written by Doris Mullins from our Bainbridge Branch. Find all Staff Book Reviews here.  

Seventy-five percent of older adults complain about memory problems.  Those with whom I come in contact at the library and elsewhere finish each other’s sentences, fill in blanks, and laugh at temporary lapses in memory, (and that includes me!).  The author of Memory Rescue has spent a lifetime studying the brain and its function, and he identifies eleven risk factors associated with the ailing brain.  Some of these factors are inflammation, aging, genetics, head trauma, toxins and sleep issues.  They affect us all in different ways, and each is dealt with in the ensuing chapters. Along with steps that need to be taken to stop and reverse decline.  

The author, whose most recent book is entitled The End of Mental Illness, is the pioneer of imaging the brain to discover physiological reasons for disfunction.  We use imaging techniques to discover and treat abnormalities of the bones, organs, and soft tissues, so why not the brain?  Example after example is given, along with brain SPECT, (single photon emission computed tomography), scans to demonstrate that the brain can also experience healing.  Blood flow and brain activity are measured with SPECT. 

This book is full of exercises to help boost your brain and improve your memory, a Memory Rescue Diet, and ways to implement lifestyle changes that will last.  Did you know there are apps that can scan your everyday personal use products to alert you to dangerous chemicals in the ingredients?  Did you know that listening to peaceful and joyful music can enhance memory and cognitive function, lower blood pressure, and lower anxiety and depression?  And I’ll bet you already know there are positive effects from eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day! 

Having brain fog or trouble remembering things is not unusual, but there are things that can be done about it.  Even small changes can produce results.  What are you waiting for? Place a hold on Memory Rescue today.

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