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Meet GCPL: Adult Services Assistant Gail

May 5, 2021

It takes a village they say. Here at GCPL we are proud of our team. They contribute in various roles to keep library operations smoothly rolling along. They are valued members of the community. The #MeetGCPL blog highlights a library team member and lets you get to know them a little bit more, so when you see them at your local Branch you can connect further.

For this #MeetGCPL we would like to introduce you to Gail. Gail grew up in Richmond Heights, Ohio. She currently works at our Bainbridge Branch as an Adult Services Assistant.

– Favorite book:
My favorite adult series is The Gaslight Mysteries by Victoria Thompson.

– Fur baby:
I am a dog-lover. We put our Irish setter/collie mix, Penny, to sleep in August and will be looking for a rescue dog again soon. Our house is not the same without a dog!

– Favorite vacation spot:
My favorite place to vacation is St. Lucia. Beautiful weather, white sand beaches, dining alfresco.

– How she spends her free time:
I spend my free time reading (of course!), doing puzzle books, gardening, and crocheting. And I love an afternoon nap.

– Something new she would like to try:
I would like to learn to speak another language fluently.  This was something that never came easy to me in school, so I didn’t pursue it.  But it would be a great talent to have, to be able to communicate with more people.

– Something she suggests you should try:
I think everyone should join a book discussion group at some point in their lives.  It’s fun to discuss books, get differing opinions, read books out of your normal genre, and just build comradery among other readers.

– Most memorable library experience:
My earliest memory of a library was in elementary school. I remember having to stand in line at the door of the library after we picked out our books, back of the book opened with the index card sticking up, and the librarian walking down the line to make sure the due date was stamped on the card. We were only allowed one book a week, and I thought that was awfully miserly of them.

– Currently reading:
I am currently reading Something Read, Something Dead, a Library Lighthouse Mystery (#5) by Eva Gates.

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