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Meet GCPL: Chardon Shelver, Faith

It takes a village they say. Here at GCPL we are proud of our team. They contribute in various roles to keep library operations smoothly rolling along. They are valued members of the community. The #MeetGCPL blog highlights a library team member and lets you get to know them a little bit more, so when you see them at your local Branch you can connect further.

For this #MeetGCPL we would like to introduce you to Faith who works at our Chardon Branch as a shelver.

Her Hometown:


Her favorite place to vacation:

I love to travel, so anywhere

How she spends her free time:

Reading, coloring, watching tv and movies, making edits, sleeping, going outside, traveling when possible

Favorite book series:

Hmmm…. I have a lot, but I love Sherlock Holmes.

One thing she would love to learn how to do:

Glass blowing because I think it is beautiful and a fun skill to learn.

Fur Baby:

I have 2 cats, Stitch and Brutus

Something everyone should do at least once in their lives:

Travel somewhere new or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Nothing beats being somewhere you’ve never been, meeting new people and having new experiences.

Her library story:

My greatest library memory is bringing home a box full of Marvel comics I had requested.

Favorite quote?

I have lots but a favorite of mine is “Books! The best weapons in the world!” – The 10th Doctor, Doctor Who.

Currently Reading:

I’m always reading something new. Or old.

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