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The Summer Slide


With schools out for summer, it is always important to remember the value of learning and how consistent reading habits help to slow the “summer slide,” or the well-documented decrease in reading proficiency students who do not read over their summer break suffer from. Thankfully, that is where we come in to help!

So, what specific programs and resources does the library have to help stop the “summer slide?”



Summer Reading Program — All Together Now

The library annually participates in the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s (CSLP) summer reading program, a program which is a perfect resource to help school-age library patrons prevent the “summer slide” through fun and exciting learning and literacy-based programs and contests.

Learn all about the program, including how to sign up, track your reading, and what summer reading themed programs Geauga County Public Library will be hosting this year, through this link!


NoveList & NoveList K-8 Plus

When you can’t find what book to read next, whether it be for pleasure or for a school project, EBSCO’s NoveList and NoveList K-8 Plus has got your back. NoveList and NoveList K-8 Plus are premiere book recommendation databases available to you through our library’s website, recommending countless titles for both children and adults, and even includes expert reviews, articles, reading lists and more.

With help from one of my favorite databases, you won’t have any trouble deciding on what book you want to read next for your summer reading logs!

Click here to access NoveList or NoveList K-8 Plus!


Youth Services Programming & Storytimes

The library’s Youth Services staff work diligently to keep our library’s programs relevant to the needs of the community and a stimulating and engaging resource that helps inspire and support a love for learning. This summer’s program catalog is packed with great, educational programs, perfect for helping stop the “summer slide.”

For more information about these programs as well as access to the library’s summer program catalog, click here.


Library Discussion Groups

For our high school-aged patrons, the library’s assortment of book groups is another great resource to help make reading fun. It is always a pleasure to read a good book, but the satisfaction of finishing a book is increased tenfold when you have a space to talk about what you loved and didn’t like about it. Best of all, not only will the library’s book groups keep you reading this summer, but it will also help stimulate a deeper appreciation for reading, learning, and our Geauga community.

You don’t have to fight off the “summer slide” alone, click here and read with friends.


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