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Preserving Memories & Exploring the Digital Legacy Lab at Your Public Library


In the digital age, memories and stories are often stored electronically, making it crucial to preserve these cherished moments for future generations. The library has evolved beyond being a repository of physical books to becoming a dynamic space that embraces technology and caters to diverse community needs. One remarkable advancement in this direction is the creation of the Digital Legacy Labs at Geauga County Public Library. These labs provide a unique platform for individuals to safeguard their memories and personal histories in digital formats.


The Digital Legacy Lab

Our Digital Legacy Labs are designated spaces within our branches, equipped with tools, technology, and resources to help individuals digitize and preserve their memories. These memories can include family photos, letters, diaries, audio recordings, and more. The lab provides access to high-resolution scanners, audio recorders, video converters, and software for basic video editing and audio enhancement. With some practice using these machines, patrons can quickly preserve cherished memories for generations.

Importance of Preserving Memories

Historical Preservation: Memories and stories are the threads that weave together the fabric of our community. Preserving these narratives ensures that future generations can connect with their roots and understand the evolution of their communities.

Family Heritage: Families often have treasured photo albums, letters, and other memorabilia that tell the story of their lineage. Digitizing these artifacts safeguards them from physical decay and makes them easier to share with extended family members.

Personal Histories: Everyone has a unique life story to tell. Individuals can leave a legacy that offers insights into their experiences, beliefs, and values by digitizing personal journals, memoirs, and audio recordings.

Mitigating Loss: Memories stored in physical formats are susceptible to damage or loss due to fires, floods, or natural wear and tear. Digital preservation offers a quick and easy safeguard against such unfortunate events to ensure histories and memories are well-kept and well-maintained.

How the Digital Legacy Lab Works 

Access to Tools: The lab provides access to various tools, such as flatbed scanners, audio digitizers, and video converters. These tools allow users to convert analog formats into digital ones.

Training & Workshops: While they are not necessary, with a bit of help from the library’s training courses and workshops, the intimidation and complexity associated with digitization vanishes immediately.

 Preserving Memories for Future Generations

Format Conversion: Analog formats like VHS tapes, old photographs, and audio cassettes naturally deteriorate over time. The video labs at our Bainbridge, Administrative Center, and Geauga West branches allow users to convert these formats into digital ones with the click of a few buttons, preventing the loss of quality and information.

Sharing & Collaboration: Once digitized, memories can be easily shared with family members and friends through CDs, DVDs, and even email. Digital files are also more conducive to collaborative projects like family history research or creating multimedia presentations.

Longevity & Accessibility: Digital formats are more accessible to store and access compared to physical items. They can be backed up painlessly and stored in multiple locations, ensuring longevity and safekeeping.

The Digital Legacy Lab at your local Geauga County Public Library Branch offers an invaluable service by enabling individuals to transform physical memories into digital ones that can withstand the test of time. Preserving memories in this manner ensures that personal histories, community histories, and family legacies are protected for future generations. By embracing technology and combining it with the mission of preserving our collective past, public libraries are solidifying their role as dynamic hubs of knowledge, culture, and community engagement. Visit the nearest Geauga County Public Library Digital Legacy Lab and embark on a journey to preserve your memories while contributing to the preservation of our shared human story.

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