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#GCPL Builds: Bainbridge lot is cleared

March 21, 2019

#GCPLBuilds: And so it begins

The Bainbridge library construction project has officially started! The crews were out mindfully and precisely clearing the vegetation for the site of the new building. Most of the vegetation was invasive species: honeysuckle, multiflora rose and the like that moves in when Mother Nature is allowed to run her course unchecked.

Now, the lot has been cleared to prepare for the new building project. The area is a level space ready to begin the big site preparation with excavation and foundation earthwork to create an amazing piece of architecture. We still have a long way to go to get to the finished product, but it’s always an exciting time when the shovels hit the dirt.

We will keep you updated on this blog and in social media with news and photos for both new buildings and both renovations through the entire process. Keep checking back with us as we build a new future in Geauga County.


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